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Intelligent Luggage - Self weighing suitcases
Intelligent Luggage - Self weighing suitcases
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We are selling the last few cases after 5 years we have only a few 20inch cases left these are discounted to £19.99 +P+P email above for detail when they're gone they're gone

Intelligent Luggage the best way to travel without surprises, take the weight off your mind and save money with intelligent luggage
20" Self Weighing case £29.99 now reduced as only 19 cases left

20" Self Weighing case
£19.99 payment by paypal sets £1
9.99p plus postage and packing

600D Super tough cases, interior lining and pockets with straps for better packing. High impact wheels and extending handles
Press Release Intelligent Luggage Ltd 

Milton Keynes based Intelligent Luggage Ltd, the UK’s fastest growing Luggage Company have secured orders for 13,000 units 2009 The company has taken a large display at the at the world famous Las Vegas luggage and travel show held annually in March
The company with factories building in China have unique products that are designed to fit the budget of every traveller and destined to save every traveller money. Intelligent Luggage products have attracted orders and interest from Argos, Asda, TV World, SAS, M+S HOF John Lewis and Qantas with many other high street names booking appointments.
Intelligent Luggage supplies self-weighing suitcases that weigh the contents and case at the touch of a button. The ranges are competitively priced but offer immensely strong and secure travel ware.
Designed in the UK the suitcases are ROHS tested for safety and specifically designed for the professional traveller. The ranges are available in stores throughout the UK with Milton Keynes Based Argos as a premier partner.
Designer Jing Li has worked on the products with the factory design team to produce a range that delivers high performance luggage that can be packed to the airline weight limit with confidence that a weight penalty fine will not be levied on the unsuspecting traveller.
‘every traveller gets caught out from time to time with weight penalties, the fines are bigger and the limit’s more restrictive every journey. This range of suitcases allows travellers to get the maximum benefit of their weight allowance outbound and inbound with no worries.’ 
Case weights start at a competitive 2.9 KG’s, are fully lined, all have wheels and telescopic handles with security locks available along with a 100% recyclable build and materials to the latest Californian specifications. The cases will showcase at the Las Vegas luggage fair in March for their USA debut.
Intelligent Luggage is a new company owned by China Commerce Bureau Ltd formed 9 years ago to develop new and exciting products for the travelling professional.

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Intelligent Luggage - Self weighing suitcases